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Recent Reviews...
"I found your writing compelling and thought provoking. The diary entries were fascinating medical, social, Navy life, and intrapersonal thoughts. It was a treasure for me to read."
Denny Morrow, EFCA, PhD History, Plymouth, Minnesota
"I had no idea how spectacular this book was. It represents a lot of work. It's also very moving. It's a war that my era missed, but should know more about. Your book, particularly maps placing sites is very much needed, and should win some kind of award."
Mervyn Deitel, MD, Editor in Chief, Obesity Surgical Journal. FD Communications, Toronto, Canada
"I have just finished reading every word of your book. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Your conversational writing style had me walking with you on some of your strolls on star-studded crisp nights through southern England. Your diary was great and many parts of it very funny. I only wish that I had done the same."
Arthur H. Klobe, Lt. Colonel, retired, on General Omar Bradleys's staff
"I want to comment again on the depth, accuracy, and logical arrangement of the recital in your book of the events leading up to and occurring during WWII which you and I remember so well, but which are fast fading into history and deserve to be documented for those who follow. Those data are especially relevant to and are an important corollary to the diary entries you made during your war service and included in your book. I feel especially honored to be the recipient of a copy of that book."
Dean Mathews, Past President B.B.D. & O.
"And your diary...so full of brilliant observations, your sense of nature, your compassion for others. What you have written will remain in my mind for a very long time, quite certainly, forever. I feel very fortunate to have had the favor to read it."
David Bonier, Stockholm, Sweden
"Your book is a fascinating concentration of complex issues, circumstance, errors, judgments, leadership, and good and bad luck, all intermingled with the wonderful openness of your diary. I thank you for your unrelenting efforts in the conduction of this unusual work. It means so much to so many of us today."
George K. Gosko, Past President of Peavey Company